Agustin Aguerreberry – Master Yoga Instructor

I needed, at this point, to find out just how deep he was into the whole idea of yoga – he is, after all, a Master Instructor.  And so my lessons begin. He wanted me to know that yoga is more than stretching and physical exercise, (of course that would have been good enough for me) but it is mental too! He explained to me that it is a preparation of the body and purification of the mind to get to a higher level of consciousness (question answered – he really is deep). He actually teaches a number of yoga styles with levels varying from beginner to more advanced: Vinyasa yoga, Samba Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pure Core Yoga, Hatha Raja Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Acro-Yoga, Psychic Development Yoga, Power Vinyasa Yoga, Dharma Mitra I Yoga, Pure Core Yoga, Circle Ceremony Yoga and Partner Flow Yoga. Okay, okay so I do not know what any of these are about, but at least I began to understand more now why he is Yoga Master. Maybe I should seriously consider this yoga thing; hmmm. I have visions of me in a Power Vinyasa Yoga class, or not!
Agustin pointed out to me that he passes on his knowledge and guides people to do things that they would normally be too busy limiting themselves to do.  I can’t let this one go…I must find out just how much of the hidden potential one can truly unlock in people and how this can be done. Luckily, Agustin is here until June so I plan on bumping into him again, but quite by accident … of course. I think we’ll speak again next week… Now he doesn’t know it yet, but I might even drop by one of his sessions too! Am I becoming an aficionado already?


Vive Yoga, Cali, Colombia

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